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Modelldaten T12FG>T8FG

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  • Modelldaten T12FG>T8FG


    I have 2 transmitters T12FG and T8FG and i would like the data from my T12FG copy to my T8FG but dont work?
    The models on sd card from T12fg would i like to use in my T8FG
    I have directly put the sd from T12FG into the T8FG and the transmitter T8FG see the card but not the models on this card? also
    When i make a modelcopy with FSS and export the models witch i made in my T12FG from the card in to a map in my Pc and than tranfer this models into a formatted sd card for the T8FG and export the files into this card en put this correct card in to my T8FG it dont work either
    Do i something wrong?? or have the T12FG and T8FG another software so you dont can read file's from the T12FG card in the T8FG
    I tried it also visaversa make a model in the T8FG card copy with fss into pc and tranfer this file on this card in to my T12FG and then i cannot read the file on the card into the T12FG

    I used the the T12FG als Master and many students from me have the T8FG
    so the student are making a model into her T8FG sd card and i would like this models into my T12FG and used this model for Teaching the student to fly with trainer cord,so i can not read the file either and have to make a manualy file into my T12FG for teaching

    Any advice??



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    Hi JJ.
    Sorry, but that is not possible. The difference between the two transmitters is too big. You have to program both transmitters separately. There is the Futaba Model Converter Utility, but this can only convert between the T12FG, T12Z and T14MZ. For the T8FG is it not suitable. When you program both transmitters, you can take most settings like servodirection, travelvolume and mixersettings from one to the other. I program the transmitter from my students without any mixers. The instructors transmitters trainer-mode is set to FUNC.

    Ik wens u een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.
    CU, Egbert.


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      Thanks Egbert

      i have recornised the problem,i manualy program the models and also use the func for trainer THANKS

      ook een gelukkig nieuwjaar